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Living The Life of The Pursuit

"Even the strong and the wealthy grow weak and hungry, but those who passionately pursue the Lord will never lack any good thing." (Psalm 34:10 | The Passion Translation)

This is my absolute favorite scripture in the world! Why? Because it challenges me to be and to live the life of the passionate pursuit. My favorite thing that I love about the pursuit is that it NEVER ends. There's always more to discover about Jesus and His Kingdom. After you get to a point where you have found a part of Him, you go search for the DEPTHS of Him. And I love that the journey of the pursuit is not stressful, it's FULL of joy. Everyday is a new adventure in Father God, and every single day, He has something that awaits us as His children. Whether that's fresh revelation, a new song, a BURST of joy, or simply hanging out with Him.

The importance of the everyday pursuit is unexplainable. For instance, have you ever gone like a few days, maybe a week or even two without spending your own personal time with Jesus? ME TOO. (You're not alone in this, friend.) How did that leave you feeling? Dry, complacent, disconnected, angry, maybe even a little depressed?? Same here. This position is exactly where the enemy wants you to be. He knows that if he can get you distracted and out of your routine of your time with Jesus, he's got you. And you're like,"How in the world did this happen!?!?!"

Then we get to a point where we ask God, "Why do I feel like this? Where are you?" And He gently asks us,"When was the last time that you simply forgot about your schedule, or that boy or girl, or how stressful your homework or work environment is and just sat down and let Me love on you?" Does that not just tear you all to pieces?? The fact that the King of this entire universe is LONGING for time with us absolutely blows my mind. And in those places, whether it's in your room with the door closed, or driving in your car, or wherever it may be!!! Those are the moments where Jesus refreshes and refills you. It's where He speaks! Ohhhhh and don't you just want to be right in the middle of what He is saying?!?! And He is everywhere, always listening. It doesn't always have to be an hour long prayer meeting.. Sometimes, it only takes Him one moment to flip your world upside down. I know sometimes it can feel like you're talking to a wall or you feel out of gas spiritually and just don't feel like praying. This is where you recognize the enemy and his lies, and simply rebuke the lies. You have the authority to take control of atmospheres. Get him out of the way :) And watch as God's peace and presence floods you after that!!!!

This is the life we are called to as sons and daughters of God! WHOA we get to do this. I pray that the life of the passionate pursuit drives you to all of the encounters that He is waiting to flood you with!!! LOVE Y'ALL

Erica :)

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